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Michael Moreci & Tim Daniel ‘Curse #1’ Review


Written by: William Massa

Horror comic books have definitely experienced a comeback of late thanks to the phenomenal success of THE WALKING DEAD. Kirkman’s zombie opus paved the way for such recent books as GHOST COP, GHOSTED and now the 4-issue miniseries CURSE, which tackles werewolves for a modern day audience.

The story works on three levels. As a police procedural, a father-son drama and a kickass, powerhouse werewolf tale.  The writers Michael Moreci (HOAX HUNTERS) and Tim Daniel (ENORMOUS) wisely focus on the emotional heart of their story. Laney Griffin is a former football star recently out of work and now forced to sell his memorabilia to pay for his dying son’s Leukemia hospital bills. A killer is roaming the woods and there is a substantial reward for anyone who brings the fiend to justice.  Our hero in an act of desperation decides to join the manhunt and risks everything to save his son.

The idea of constructing a werewolf story around a father-son relationship gives the genre a fresh new spin.  The set-up immediately hooks us emotionally into the characters and their story. We are rooting for Laney and we want him to save his kid.  Horror works best in literature when flesh-and-blood characters that the reader is invested in are put into life-and-death situations. The scenes where Laney stalks the killer through the snowy woods unaware that he is dealing with a lycanthrope are some of the tensest moments in the book.

The first issue is mostly set-up interspersed with a few cool scenes of werewolf mayhem gloriously rendered by Riley Rossmo (DRUMHELLAR) and Colin Lorimer (UXB) in an atmospheric art style that recalls early Berni Wrightson. The book is rendered in muted colors that heighten the atmosphere of the tale and perfectly complement the realistic artwork.

Horror comics are back and CURSE is a promising new addition to the genre. The book will be out this Wednesday, January 15. If you love horror graphic novels, you owe it to yourself to check out CURSE.

Rating: 4/5


William Massa is a screenwriter, novelist and script consultant.  His two books GARGOYLE KNIGHT and FEAR THE LIGHT: WHO MURDERED DRACULA? are now exclusively available on Amazon.  Follow William on Twitter and Facebook .

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