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What Horror Films, New or Old, Would You Like to See Covered on HNR?


Simple question for the HNR crowd: What movies do you want to see us cover? Be it classic or contemporary, big budget or indie, we want to know what you want to read about. Opening the cinematic doors have resulted in some new followers and great debates, so we want continue to provide for our loyal horror freaks.

Alien? The Exorcist? Halloween? A Nightmare on Elm Street? What’s your fancy?

Tell us below what you’d like to see covered and we’ll make it happen!

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9 Comments on What Horror Films, New or Old, Would You Like to See Covered on HNR?

  1. Lisa Cleveland // January 5, 2014 at 11:53 pm // Reply

    30 days of night is one of my very favorite movies.


  2. 30 days of night nice choice!…I have been digging around trying to find some horrors that are a little less well known. This has been pretty hit or miss. However I did find one I liked called “Vile”. A 2001 film directed by Taylor Sheridan that’s pretty gruesome and not for everyone..think “Hostel”….again not for everyone, but I was glad I found it.


  3. Anything. Seriously, horror is so subjective, give it all a shot and see what sticks. Some people may enjoy Poltergeist while others may be all about City of the Living Dead. Personally, I enjoy eighties slasher horror because it was a large part of my teen years and I believe some of the films released then warrant classic status and can’t necessarily be dismissed as trash. I also enjoy occult movies, since The Omen was an early watch for me. I’m also partial to the old Universal monster flicks, with Creature from the Black Lagoon being the first actual horror film I ever watched all the way through at the age of five. There’s so much else I’ve come to love over the years and every horror fan I know could tell a similar story. With the possible exception of comedy, horror may be the genre with fans who have the most diverse tastes. Might as well keep the horizon broad and as inclusive as you can.


    • Give me a specific list of 10-15 of your favorites that you don’t own. I’ll be getting your NOES 3 piece up – you did a fantastic job with that beast – I have a pretty crazy collection of films – may be able to get some discs (do you have a Blu-ray as well as DVD?) out to you. Oh, and for the record I DO own 30 Days of Night as well as Vile – I’ll work on getting those covered!


      • D.S. Ullery // January 6, 2014 at 2:36 am //

        I’m not sure I could name 10-15 favorites I don’t own, LOL! I have a collection that I’ve been building since 1990 comprised of VHS and DVD (I have yet to make the switch to Blue Ray) that includes some 1,000 titles. I’m glad you enjoyed the ANOES3 piece. I’ve been doing the film critique thing off and on for about a decade (aside from Horrowatch, I used to contribute reviews to Hacker’s Source, an underground print horror magazine ). That review was one of the better ones I was able to save. Unfortunately, Horrowatch disappeared abruptly this year and a lot of solid material I wrote was lost. Ah, well. And 30 Days of Night was awesome.


  4. Colin Bradley // January 6, 2014 at 4:07 pm // Reply

    Not a movie but the Netflix series by Eli Roth entitled “Hemlock Grove” was very cool. I’m listening to Iron Maiden as I write this (appropriate). Thanks!


  5. Return of the Living Dead, cult movies are my favorite so any of those are great.


  6. How about Jacob’s Ladder? An oldie but a goodie!


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