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UPDATE: July 7th, 2014

Due to a general lack of creativity, and an astoundingly absurd number of releases, we won’t be fielding unsolicited zombie novels (please do not email me with a “my zombie story is different than all the others” bit, as you’ve already put yourself in extremely cliche ranks with that battered line) or ongoing series entries. The amount of zombie novels being submitted has become preposterous, and there are very, very few site contributors able to still enjoy them. As for series installments, they’ve become tricky. When you contact us in hopes that you or your client can get the fourth entry in your series covered, you’re essentially forcing us to look into previous installments (if we haven’t already) just so that we can have some idea of where we stand in an ongoing story. It’s a time devourer, and time is one of those things that very few of us own in abundance. We’re attempting to support as many talented authors as possible, series’ often make that very difficult.


If you’re interested in having your novel reviewed, I’m interested in trying to provide you that service. I ask of you no money, just a copy of your work. If you’ve got an advance release, yet to hit the shelves only in digital format, you can send epub and mobi files directly to:


If your book has been printed, don’t take the quick and easy way out and submit a digital copy. Show me that you’re hungry to get your work reviewed: those who invest the time and change to get a physical copy shipped out show me they possess a stronger desire to have their fiction covered.

A physical copy will always take priority over a digital copy (make no mistake, if you haven’t had your novel printed yet, I do indeed drop plenty of hours into Kindle reading, so you’re not out of contention for coverage, you may fall a bit farther down the pecking order though), especially if I note that your book has been printed, and you opted to send a digital version regardless. The packaging is important people: like it or not, book covers and designs can help or hinder sales, and I like to be able to take in the reading experience in its entirety.

If you’ve got a project that’s already seen print, please send a copy with a simple request for review letter included (helps me keep track of things), to:


529 Poppy Lane

Yuba City, CA 95993


It’s important that you understand that not every submitted work will be covered. Our number of contributors is always shifting, and we cannot possibly keep up with every last submission that comes our way. We’d love to be able to cover every last submission, but this is the real world, and that’s just not a possibility. So, understand that when you submit to HNR, you submit for a chance to have your novel reviewed. There are no guarantees that your piece will be covered. We try our best, but taking in over 500 submissions annually is something we’re not yet big enough to manage. Perhaps one of these days!

I look forward to discovering more treasures from more talented minds!

25 Comments on Novel Submissions

  1. I have just published a transgressive novel titled “The Elite”
    I am still waiting for paper copies to arrive, but have digital in the meantime
    I can submit digital now, and paper later. Alot of people write horror, and I find that where I differ from most is that my writing engages and envelops the reader. The closest I can find to the material is from Jack Kemper, Samuel Delaney, and Chuck Pahalniuk.

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  2. Hello there.
    I would be tickled pink if you would consider reviewing my book The Black Chronicle. It was conceived of as a transmedia novel which will star horror icons Melantha Blackthorne and Bill Oberst. Jr. As of right now the transmedia experience hasn’t been produced in it’s entirety but we do have a wire-frame demo for anyone interested in trying it out. The book as of this moment is only in Digital form.

    here is a link to an article Fangoria did on it. Just one of the many pieces of press we’ve received for the project.

    if you’re interested in reading/reviewing, please advise me on where I can send you digital copies. thanks so much
    oldrich stibor

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  3. I hope you got a chance to read or glance over “FRACKING HELL” (a modern tale of brutal horror). If not, I hope you received the softcover book I mailed in November. Happy Trails! Mike Gamble


  4. Do you only review novels? Or do you also consider novellas and novelettes?


    Hey Sir. Just a little note stating that my book, The Enochian Wars : Armageddon Unleashed, has received some very good reviews. Check out my latest. Cheers Frank

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  6. Matt, hope all is well! Just following up to see if you go the copy of “The Night It Got” sent last year and that it is in the pipeline for a review? If not, happy to mail another hard copy. — Patrick James Ryan Here is a review from Horror After Dark: Sometimes the review does not pop up right, but you can see it at Horror After I appreciate your consideration!


    • Patrick James Ryan // May 15, 2016 at 2:59 am // Reply

      Hey Matt! Hope your 2016 is going well! Just circling back again to check if their has been interest in reviewing “The Night It Got Out?” Additionally, my a re-edited and expanded version of my first release (Blood Verse ~ a collection of horror/suspense short stories) was just re-released this month. When you get a chance, please drop me a private message on my Face Book Page:

      Thanks Matt!



  7. I guess it’s too late to submit my 2012 novel HUSK, but if you’re interested, here’s the publisher page. I can send a copy immediately. Either way, keep up the good work.


    • It’s never too late to submit I can never guarantee what will and what will not be covered, as we’ve got a lot of contributors and when books are assigned, it’s up to them if they’re into the book or not. I know we’ve had some submissions go out to contributors and they’ll reach out to me and say ‘hey, this book is bad, and I don’t want to ruin future sales for this guy’ – I can’t fault them for passing, especially if their heart is in the right place with their decision. Either way – you can ALWAYS submit – doesn’t hurt to see where it leads you!

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  8. It’s also a zombie novel, although I dislike the term: I prefer to call it The Great Canadian Gay Mennonite Zombie Novel.


  9. As soon as I figure out how to do it I will send you a copy of my book, Chaos Territory. It is a Lovecraft inspired novel set in Territorial Arizona at the end of the epoch known as the Old West. It is the first of three books that I have completed (so far) in the series.


  10. I send you a copy of my Ghost story (eBook) “Jonah the Wolf”.
    It has gotten some praise in Canada, but I would like to build an interest in the States.

    Synopsys: Hal Romic, a best-selling author, has unknowingly put his family’s life in peril when he buys an old mansion in a secluded acreage.
    Jonah, the Wolf, the original owner of the estate, is a bloodthirsty disembodied spirit bent on possessing a physical body—and
    destroying anyone that gets in the way—so he could re-live his former glory of fomenting hate and evil.

    Let me know what you think of it.
    Thank you.


  11. Hi, would you be interested in a horror anthology? I have recently published an online anthology of eleven horror and supernatural tales called ‘Wakeful Children.’ For a taste of some of the characters:

    Joe Gallows is a vagrant with a liking for hanging small creatures. He uses strings of them as decorations, then stands back to witness the horror of unsuspecting people who happen upon them. His favourite weapon a slingshot, he goes a step too far one day, with devastating consequences…

    Hector can’t sleep. There’s a ticking in the room – but his clock is digital…

    Nancy is sick and tired of the powers that be dictating how she should live. When they come calling in their suits today, she’ll be more than ready for them…

    There are many more original characters in the story, too many to detail here!

    The link to the book is here (though obviously I would be happy to provide you a copy in whatever your preferred format might be:)*Version*=1&*entries*=0

    Thank you for your time.

    S.P Oldham


  12. My name is Thom Carnell ( and I have a NEW book out from Crossroad Press called MOONLIGHT SERENADES.

    I’m writing to inquire about your submission protocol for reviews.
    I have ARCs available upon request.

    Thanks in advance.


    “No one has done more for legitimizing the beauty of the horror genre than Thom Carnell.”
    – Clive Barker

    “Thom Carnell writes with the raw sense memory of a battered child and the brute muscularity of a bouncer in a bar fight. His debut novel No Flesh Shall Be Spared is scarred, scary, deeply disturbed, and worth every bloody minute of it. You have to read this book. You might need therapy later.”
    – Craig Spector, author: Underground, To Bury The Dead; (with John Skipp) Animals, The Light At The End

    “Just when I thought no writer could tell an engaging story within the done-to-death zombie genre, along comes Carnell with a sledgehammer tale of the living dead. Like Lindqvist’s HANDLING THE DEAD, NO FLESH SHALL BE SPARED is a unique, refreshing take on the undead mythos. Imagine if Martin Scorsese took over the Ultimate Fight cartels in a world gone mad. Carnell has delivered a devastating debut novel.”
    – Philip Nutman, author: Wet Work


  13. Sullen Falls. By Frank Julius Palumbo. A horror novel that is not like any other, as far as I can tell. So great reviews…You have the book, can i have a review.


  14. Hello. Just a quick question: you mention a limited number of reviewers with a limited amount of time. Well, my novel is nearly 800 pages long. Will that hurt its chances of getting reviewed? I’d be more than happy to send you a print copy, but not if there’s no chance.

    Here’s the synopsis, if that will help:

    Hometown by Matthew Keville:

    It’s the Fall of 1994 in the small milltown of Belford, New York. The leaves are turning, the kids are going back to school, and the heat of Summer is giving way to a cool, misty season. It happens every Fall.

    Only this Fall, people are disappearing into that mist. Some people are found torn apart, some people are found dead for no reason, and some people aren’t found at all. Other people see strange things in the mist: ghosts and campfire stories.

    There’s something out there in that mist. Something old. Something that has slept for a long time, but has now woken up hungry. Maybe the people of Belford could resist it, but as the terrible Fall wears on, more and more of them start…changing. Acting bizarre and violent. In the end, only a small group of teenage defenders are left to make their stand.


  15. Does your rule against series apply to every book in the series or just the subsequent books? If I send the first in the series, there would be no need to read previous books to get acquainted with the story, and no expectation you’d read the next two (it’s a trilogy, not an ongoing series).


  16. Hey, guess who finally got off his fat butt and sent you his books? This guy! Hope you enjoy the first three of The Chaos Series, I’m 45k into book four of six (I think). Marc Severson

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  17. I sent you all three of my Lovecraft inspired Weird Wild West books set in Territorial Arizona circa 1900: “Chaos Territory”, “The Streets of Chaos”, and “The Waters of Chaos” . I am just wondering whether you received them yet? I am 47K into the fourth book, “Chaos in Winter”. Thanks, Marc

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  18. Hey, do you ever read this? I sent two questions back in March that remain unanswered. Just wondering?

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  19. I was wondering if my new anthology, Collected Halloween Horror Shorts would be of interest for review.



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