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John Boden & Chad Lutzke, Out Behind the Barn review

Reviewed by Paula Limbaugh

Oh, WOW!! What a truly awesome collaboration this was. John Boden and Chad Lutzke have put together such an amazing story.  Out Behind the Barn is a soulful tale that stirs many emotions. There’s love and loss, life and death, and even a tearful goodbye. I’m not even sure how I feel now that I’m done reading their story except, I would gladly read anything they write together in the future!

Young Davey and Ronny live on a remote farm with old Maggie. Maggie thinks of these boys as her sons and treats them as such, but Maggie has secrets. Their way of life is one of isolation. The boys are home-schooled and have never left the property. Every so often Maggie will go into town looking for help around the farm, yet those that she finds never seem to stick around for long.

Things begin to look up for Maggie after bringing home Ben, life hasn’t always been fair to her and with Ben, she thinks she has finally found someone that will stay and be the father figure she longs for the boys to have. Yet, sadly, bringing home Ben was probably the biggest mistake she has ever made!

As I don’t want to include any spoilers I am not saying anymore regarding the storyline. I will say though; this story is well-crafted subtle horror at its best. I don’t think you will guess what’s going on until its too late and your heartstrings are pulled. Boden and Lutzke created characters that are all too real and you are going to feel for them. You really need to read this one! Pick up your copy today, HERE!!

Oh, and a nod to Zach McCain for the cover, it depicts the story spot on!

5/5   out behind the barn

3 Comments on John Boden & Chad Lutzke, Out Behind the Barn review

  1. I want to read this one. Your review has me so intrigued.

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  2. I haven’t bought this one but I am ready to do so. Thank you.

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