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Chad Lutzke, Skullface Boy review

Reviewed by Paula Limbaugh

Chad Lutzke has done it again! Another story that will catch you off-guard with a character that you can empathize with. 16-year-old Levi is the Skullface Boy. Raised in the system he has seen a lot during his formative years and yet, he comes across pretty level-headed and not prone to feeling sorry for himself despite the fact he has a skull for a face!

Knowing soon his time in foster care will be ending, Levi decides to chase down his dream of finding someone like him. He’s been told there was a surfer years ago out in SoCal that has a face like his, perhaps, this may be his father. And, so the adventure begins… from Denver, Colorado through some roundabout routes we follow Levi on his quest.

Really, I should say the misadventure begins. This is no straightforward trip, without money Levi tries his hand at hitchhiking and what a cast of characters he meets. Between rides and stops in little towns, Levi experiences life lessons that you’ll never find in a classroom. You going to see that no matter what odds are stacked against you there is always someone else that has it a little rougher than you.

I really liked the pacing of the narration; the story just flows along. This being a novella I really don’t want to get into a detailed review as I’m afraid I would end up giving away too much of the story. Let’s just say this is a feel-good story that I really think you should check out! You can pick up a copy HERE!

5/5 skullface boy

2 Comments on Chad Lutzke, Skullface Boy review

  1. I am looking forward to reading this. Chad has a special ability to reach us with his stories. Definitely has His own pace.

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