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Chad Lutzke, Stirring the Sheets review

Reviewed by Paula Limbaugh

Chad Lutzke has given us such a beautifully written story dealing with the most grotesque of events and the saddest of circumstances. Stirring the Sheets deals with grief, loss, and the way one comes to terms with life after the death of a loved one.

Our protagonist, Emmett works in a funeral home making the dead presentable for the living to view for one last time. You might think that working daily with death you would be able to handle your own loss when it happens, ah, but that is not the case especially when unexpectedly one is taken away.

It’s while working that a body comes in that changes Emmett’s live. The woman on the gurney causes Emmett to do a doubletake. Why… she looks just like his late wife Kate when she was younger! A plan hatches in Emmett’s still grieving mind. Maybe, just maybe he can have his Kate back for at least one night.

Lutzke doesn’t just stir the sheets with this novella, he stirs our emotions. All those past feelings that you thought were buried rise up to the surface as you begin to feel Emmett’s raw pain. The hurt, the anger, the what-ifs are all there ready to spill forth and remind us of what we once had. Have the tissues ready! Pick up your copy HERE!!

5/5  stirring the sheets

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