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Kyle Alexander Romines, A Sound in the Dark review

Reviewed by Paula Limbaugh

Ah, with summer coming this makes the perfect read! Kyle Alexander Romines’ A Sound in the Dark ups the creep factor when it comes to camping. This one will keep you on your toes with its fast-paced action!

The story opens with the discovery of carnage wrought upon campers at a state park in Texas. It’s not a sight that will be forgotten anytime soon. Moving ahead 3 years we begin the story in another state park…

It has been a year since Zack Allen has lost his ex-girlfriend, Lily. Although they were broken up he blames himself for her suicide. Tired of watching Zack mope his friends decide it’s time to bring Zack back to the living with a camping trip. The five men opt to rough it for the weekend.

As the story unfolds we find Zack reflecting on the past and we begin to get the backstory of his relationship with Lily as well as his present-day mindset.

What started out as a fun weekend turns ominous that very first night. An intruder has just made his presence known, issuing a threatening challenge to the guys- “If any of you make it beyond the boundaries of the park, you won’t be pursued. If you can last until first light, you will be spared.” With those words, the game has begun!

This is where the story takes off with Zack and his friends running for their lives. It doesn’t matter where they go somehow their pursuer knows where to find them.  As the body count begins to climb Zack finds himself ready to give up and welcome death.

There are plenty of twists to keep you guessing and an ending that will leave you wanting more. All in all, an entertaining read! You can pick up your copy HERE!

4/5  a sound

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