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Jasper Bark, Quiet Places: A Novella of Cosmic Folk Horror review

Reviewed by Paula Limbaugh

Jasper Bark’s Quiet Places continues on with the Qu’rm Saddic Heresy series. Like the previous books in the series (Run to Ground, The Final Cut) it is a stand-alone story but once again delves a bit deeper into the mythos. I found this story to be so completely different than the others in the series, more akin to the grimmer fairy tales of yore.

 The story begins at the ending… we find Sally tending to the needs of the residents of Dunballen, a small town in a remote part of Scotland. From here we read on to find out what exactly led up to these terribly unfortunate events.

Sally, a city girl has a long-standing relationship with David McCavendish. When he is called back home to Dunballen to take his place in his ancestral home, David asks Sally to join him. Once settled in her new home, Sally begins to notice a change in him. The town seems to have a grip on David and the townsfolk act secretive around her. As Sally begins to dig into Dunballen’s past, a terrifying revelation is uncovered… The curse of the McCavendish family.

There is a delicate balance to be upheld between man and beast. Sally must find a way to tip the scales to claim David for herself, yet what seems to be the cure becomes a deal with the direst of consequences.

This is a multi-layered tale that winds through Sally’s life weaving together an outstanding story mixing religious undertones with mythological beliefs. Truly, a fascinating read! You can pick up your copy HERE! 

5/5   quiet places

2 Comments on Jasper Bark, Quiet Places: A Novella of Cosmic Folk Horror review

  1. After this review Paula, I went and bought Jasper’s Book. Sounds promising.


  2. I think you’ll enjoy it, Vitina!


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