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Richard Farren Barber, Perfect Darkness, Perfect Silence review

Reviewed by Paula Limbaugh

“Horror is when there’s no hope left.” I didn’t agree with her but we were snuggled up on the sofa with my hand on her warm belly and it didn’t feel like the time to have a debate. I would have told her- Horror is when there is hope. To me that seemed so much more terrible.

Reading the words above really hit me, what an impact, the realization of what is said conjures up so many emotions. There is truth in those words.

Richard Farren Barber’s Perfect Darkness, Perfect Silence is more than just a horror story, it is a strong statement of the state of our world today. At first, as the story opens you think, ah, this is a post-apocalyptic thriller, but I think as you go forward you’ll find a much deeper meaning.

The story centers around Hannah and her cleanup crew. Their responsibility to the community is to rid the field of the bodies of those that have succumbed to the infection that has ravaged their countryside. We also find the Caretakers, they are the ones that ride the roads looking for survivors, and lastly, the community itself kept in line under the leadership of Dr. Andrew Hickman.

On the surface, it seems everything is under control, but little cracks begin to show as the story progresses. After a couple of jarring incidents, Hannah begins to question what Hickman’s plans are for the community’s future. Are they really going to be a part of a brave new world, or is what they do all for naught?

Richard has given us more than just another horror story, he has given us something to think about. The characters are fleshed out nicely which in turn allows us to empathize with their plight. We are sucked into the events and find ourselves wondering, is this really how it’s to be? I tip my hat to Richard, as for me this is the best story he has written to date!

The book is set to be launched September 30th at Fantasycon 2017 by Hersham Horror Books. So, mark your calendar and be ready to pick up your copy!!

5/5 perfect darkness

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