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Chris Kelso, Shrapnel Apartments review

Reviewed by Paula Limbaugh

“Assessing my environment can be a depressing exercise. And being a ghost isn’t anything like you’d imagine. People don’t change. They make the same mistakes dead as alive. We never learn. Redemption is a trauma-made mirage in Shrapnel Apartments.”

OMG!! Yep, that’s what I said. I just finished reading Chris Kelso’s Shrapnel Apartments and I am awestruck! If you’ve read my review of his previous book Unger House Radicals, you know I have nothing but praise regarding his writing style. In Shrapnel Apartments, he has stepped it up even higher and has given us a read that is sharper than a fine-honed razor.

Chris tosses out the rules of writing with his unique freestyle prose and with no punches pulled, gives us a book that is a tight sharp edgy read. Taking up where Unger House Radicals left off we are invited into the lives of those in and out of the Shrapnel Apartments courtesy of reality TV. You never know what to expect behind the unassuming doors of one’s existence. Although a stand-alone read, we do find a crossover of characters from Unger House Radicals.

The story is told by multiple narrations that intertwine with one another, at first glance one might wonder where this is all going but as you continue to read everything begins to fall into place. A second story plays out alongside the goings-on at Shrapnel, here we find a child killer is on the loose driven by a mysterious entity. Chris doesn’t give up his story easily, he makes you think and reflect back on what you have read. A never-ending cycle of the abused and the abusers, the living and the dead, the good and the evil, this is a story that really doesn’t end.

“Welcome to the cycle… Today and today and today.”

I am left wanting more!

Again, Shane Swank along with Steven Burke flesh out the pages with their brilliant illustrations.

As of this writing, Crowded Quarantine Publications has sold out of this limited, signed edition, but watch for its release in 2018 in both paperback and e-book format.


“(Dry earth aroma of the farm poppies heavy with seed. The Shrapnel Apartments building sits like a monolith on the tallest hill eclipsing the sun.)”


shrapnel apart

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