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Rob E Boley, Better Alive Than Dead review

Written by Paula Limbaugh

Looking for a quick quirky read? Then look no further, Rob E Boley’s latest release Better Alive Than Dead: Thirteen Tales of Monster Horror is just that. This is a great mash-up of Creature Features meets The Outer Limits. You’ll find all sorts of monsters within these pages, some you may be familiar with and others will have you wondering what was he thinking! The stories are short, creepy and a bit bizarre but all are entertaining.

For example, you’ll find a dental office that caters to a unique clientele. You know, us humans aren’t the only ones with teeth! Then, of course, there a few zombie tales, but what if an otherworldly creature gets bit by a zombie, hmm…

As with most short story collections, there are always some that stand out more than the others. For me, The Stink of Animosity was my number one favorite. Sooo, say you’re sitting in a bar drowning your sorrows and a stranger comes up and sits next to you.  Well, no one wants to be bothered while wallowing in misery, but this guy is intuitive. Next thing you know, he’s proposing a way to end your misery or at the least, exact some revenge. Ah, but things have a way of being turned around and the old “be careful what you wish for” can come back and bite you in the ass. Well, maybe it wasn’t his ass that got bit first.

Ooh, I can’t omit The Cat and the Goldfish, With Theo and Sally, the cat and the fish, surely you know this story. This quirky tale featuring some very familiar characters will have you cracking a grin before you reach the end.

In All of the Above, we find a man who wakes from a night of heavy drinking suddenly filled with knowledge. Without giving it a thought he can answer anything. Even the most trivial bits of info have a way of just popping up in his head, but while driving home that evening after dinner at the mother-in-law’s home with his wife and son following behind the most important fact hits him hard with dire consequences!

Yep, so those were my standout faves, pick up a copy a give it a read see if you agree. The others are all good, too. You may even find a few of your own favorites. You can get your copy HERE!!

4/5  Rob E Boley


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