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Jasper Bark, Bed of Crimson Joy review

Written by Paula Limbaugh

Oh, Jasper Bark, how could you? You took two nice elderly people and threw them into a disgusting story of debauchery. How awful! Just kidding, seriously, Bed of Crimson Joy was a joy to read.

Old Rose and her husband Stanley have a comfortable and perhaps a bit boring life. When Rose was asked to care for the neighbors’ cat she readily agreed. Aah, but you know how tempting it can be when allowed in the home of others while they’re away. Rose’s snooping leads her to a bedroom with the most unusual and ornate bed that one could imagine, she just must show Stanley. So, the next time she asks him to accompany her to feed the cat.

Hmm… whatever got into them? An elderly couple deciding to sneak in a romp in the neighbors’ bed, Whoa, how dicey. Soon, though Rose finds herself in quite the predicament. You see, there is a price to pay for that lapse of judgment. If only Rose knew the neighbors a bit better or better yet, not succumb to temptation she and Stanley could’ve gone on living their simple life.

But no, dark forces have been awakened and worse still are growing inside Rose. When neighbor, Peter confronts Rose about what exactly went on in his home while he was gone, Rose is hit with the terrible truth of what that one little indiscretion has set in motion.

Oh, that Jasper Bark really has an imaginative way with his story telling. Witty, dark, erotic, and a tad gruesome what more can you ask for? I couldn’t imagine the ending and when I reached that point I was left slack-jawed! You really should read this one, it can be purchased HERE!

5/5    Crimson Joy

4 Comments on Jasper Bark, Bed of Crimson Joy review

  1. I have something of Jasper Barks work. I need to check and see if this is it. Then I definitely need to read it. If not I am intrigued also and it is time to pick this up and give it a read.


  2. Ah ha,, I now do have this. Thanks for the delightful review. Had to go buy it.


  3. pvlimbaugh // April 7, 2017 at 12:26 pm // Reply

    I hope you enjoy the book as much as I did, Vitina!

    Liked by 1 person

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