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“The Sadist’s Bible” by Nicole Cushing: Hedonistic Antitheism Beats the Best (Review)

How well do you know the people you chat with on a social network? 

Thirty-seven year old Ellie Blake is about to find out. Her Bible Belt community wouldn’t dare accept her if she came out as a lesbian. Her husband, her pastor, and her neighbors would be scandalized by such a disclosure. But Ellie’s desire for another woman’s intimate touch grows stronger with each passing day, as does her desire to be dominant – to tell another woman just how to please her, to tie up another woman so that she’ll never, ever leave.

Nicole Cushing’s novella, The Sadist’s Bible, proves why she is one of the best horror writers in the industry. Themes such as antitheism, reverse eugenics, and the suppression of homosexuality all come together in this fascinating, albeit edgy novella.

Cushing’s use of God as a quasi-rapist and the subsequent hedonism that follows the main protagonists around belong in a Lars von Trier film.

I must admit that I am extremely liberal with regards to everything in life, but The Sadist’s Bible kicked me in the head a couple of times. And it wasn’t necessarily bad. Cushing’s flagrant disregard of all things moral is an enjoyable little joyride into Nietzsche-ville. Throw in copious amounts of Dante and Voltaire, mix the ingredients in an Anton LaVey pot and serve with a glass of Salman Rushdie.

Cushing is a master of her craft. Plus, who manages to pull off the whole God-had-sex-with-me-and-now-I-have-a-deformed-child bit without blinking an eye? It’s gutsy, riveting, depraved, and oh-so-strange! And you know what, dear readers? I absolutely loved it. For someone, especially a writer, to take such an insane leap of faith is not an easy feat. The subject matter will either send you running for the hills or make you want more of the dirty defilement. I choose the latter, because it’s not often that one comes across such a visceral, completely insane reality.

I can drone on about Cushing’s brilliance, but I want to keep this review short and sweet, just like Cushing’s novella.


You have to read The Sadist’s Bible with an open mind. The symbolism is gratuitous and forthright, but look past your own moral compass and give it a chance. You cannot call yourself a horror fiction aficionado if you haven’t read this novella.

I am head-over-heels.


Reviewed by Renier Palland 

About Renier Palland (27 Articles)
Renier started his writing career as a film critic in the early 2000’s. A few years later, he was employed as a Senior Entertainment Writer at one of the biggest entertainment websites on the planet. He worked alongside celebrities, Hollywood agents and entertainment bigwigs for more than seven years. He received an international publishing deal in 2017. His debut splatterpunk trilogy, War Game, is slated for a 200 000-print USA and European release in March of 2018. The official launch will be held at Barnes & Noble in New York City.

3 Comments on “The Sadist’s Bible” by Nicole Cushing: Hedonistic Antitheism Beats the Best (Review)

  1. This was such a fabulous little read. I try to get all of my horror friends to read it.


    • moteridgerider // March 25, 2017 at 8:48 am // Reply

      Working through it myself at the moment and I’m absorbed. Nicole Cushing is a rare talent, and with a surname like that, part of a prestigious horror pedigree!


  2. It truly is a powerful piece of literature.

    I loved reviewing it. Thanks for the comments.

    Renier Palland


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