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Kristopher Triana, Body Art review

Written by Paula Limbaugh

Whoa, what an effed up read this was! So utterly disgusting, yet I couldn’t stop turning the pages wondering how far would the author go in telling this story. Let me tell ya, he went way out there!! If explicit sex, graphic gore, and profanity are not your thing then don’t bother with the rest of this review, the book is not for you.

Body Art by Kristopher Triana is a far cry from his previous works that I have read. This is a journey into the underbelly of the dark side of porn. With two stories being told simultaneously and tied together for an epic finale this is one hell of a read.

In the one story, we meet Harold, a creepy loner who works at the family-owned funeral home. It’s his job to make the dead presentable to the living. Harold considers himself a makeup artist extraordinaire, he goes to great lengths to make each body a work of art.  But, as I said Harold is lonely and when some old girlfriends end up on his table a plan hatches to create the perfect woman for himself.

While Harold is doing his thing, we find Kandi an aging porn star just getting offered a job that could skyrocket her back into the spotlight. Rutger has made some fine flicks in the day and he is ready to team up with Kandi to create movies for an elite hardcore clientele. I’m talking graphic reality porn. No holds barred, as down and dirty sick as you can get porn! Kandi soon finds herself competing against a wanna be porn star that has no qualms about doing whatever it takes to give her screen time.

With an evil presence looming over both stories the two are drawn together for an explosive ending. Truly this story is not for the faint of heart or prudish reader. Total depravity, yet, I was mesmerized, Triana has a way with words that keep you hooked. If you want shock value, then look no further, although it may be more than you bargained for! Pick up your copy HERE!

5/5    body-art

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