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Have You Read Todd Keisling’s ‘The Final Reconciliation’?

Todd Keisling is one of those talented authors we love to keep an eye out for. If you’ve been waiting on some brand new terror by this calculated and refined author, now is the time to rejoice, for The Final Reconciliation (read our review here) is now available at a staggeringly low price. Frankly, you’d be a fool to miss out on this one!

You can order the book right here, and you can dig on the cover as well as the book’s synopsis below!

Synopsis: Thirty years ago, a progressive rock band called The Yellow Kings began recording what would become their first and final album. Titled “The Final Reconciliation,” the album was expected to usher in a new renaissance of heavy metal, but it was shelved following a tragic concert that left all but one dead.

The sole survivor of that horrific incident was the band’s lead guitarist, Aidan Cross, who’s kept silent about the circumstances leading up to that ill-fated performance—until now.

For the first time since the tragedy, Aidan has granted an exclusive interview to finally put rumors to rest and address a question that has haunted the music industry for decades: What happened to The Yellow Kings?

The answer will terrify you.

Inspired by The King in Yellow mythos first established by Robert W. Chambers, and reminiscent of cosmic horror by H. P. Lovecraft, Laird Barron, and John Langan, comes The Final Reconciliation—a chilling tale of regret, the occult, and heavy metal by Todd Keisling.

Now dig on this awesome cover!


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2 Comments on Have You Read Todd Keisling’s ‘The Final Reconciliation’?

  1. This is next on my TBR in fact…


  2. I have this one ….unfortunately have not had the opportunity to read it yet.


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