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Todd Keisling, The Final Reconciliation review

“And then I heard the voice. The same voice I’d heard before, back in Camilla’s room. It was calling to me again, carried on a warm gust of air that swept toward me in low, hushed breaths. That voice rose and fell with the tides, hissing with the spray of dark sea foam and brine, a din of ancient secrets and wisdom.
Take off your mask, it said. Take off your mask.”

Written by Paula Limbaugh

Wow! Todd Keisling does not disappoint. Ever since I heard this book was coming out, I’ve been anticipating a killer story and you know what, Todd delivered! Rock n Roll, Heavy Metal… what the Baptists have long called the Devil’s music. The Yellow Kings are on their way! The Final Reconciliation is the story of a band and what was to be their rise to fame.

It’s been 30 years since that fateful night and as the only survivor, Aidan Cross the once lead guitarist of The Yellow Kings is ready to share his story with interviewer, Miles Hargrove. Entwined in the Carcosa Mythos our narrator, Aidan takes us down a dark path leading up to the tragic night that became the band’s final concert.

Like a hundred other bands out there, The Yellow Kings were struggling to make a name for themselves, playing local gigs and hoping for that one big break. With Reggie Allen as their manager, they were beginning to get the exposure they craved, things were looking up and then Carmilla entered their lives.

Carmilla, the gypsy, as Aidan liked to call her was the beginning of their end. Just another groupie wanting to get laid by the band they thought. But, Carmilla had another agenda, digging her claws into Johnny Leifthauser, the lead vocalist, Carmilla was along for the ride and oh what ride it was. Even Aidan’s niggling doubts weren’t enough to see her as she truly was until it was too late to turn back. By then, their fate had been sealed.

Laid out like tracks of an album, the chapters take us through a journey with a heavy metal influence, all the way to the bitter twisted finale. The King in Yellow by Robert W Chambers has been influential in many stories throughout the decades since it was first published in 1895. Todd has done well in keeping the mythos alive with The Final Reconciliation. This is one story you do not want to miss!

The book is set to be released Feb. 3 and is now available for pre-order. Grab it now at the pre-order price of only 99 cents as it will go up! Get it HERE!



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