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D.J. Doyle, The Celtic Curse: Banshee review

Written by Paula Limbaugh

I find myths or folktales an interesting study. Like the urban legend, there is always some obscure basis for how the tale began. You know like a so-called witch curses someone with her dying breath and then coincidently the cursed person’s house burns down, oh no, then it must be true ‘so and so’ really was a witch and thus begins another tale growing with each telling until it becomes REAL!

In The Celtic Curse: Banshee, D.J. Doyle has taken one such myth, the banshee and has put together a rather good story. Starting off her tale in 17th century Ireland a young man from the O’Neill clan is smitten with a gypsy girl. But when his father catches wind of the blossoming romance he hires a thug to usher the girl out of town. Alas, things go awry and a curse is placed on the sons of his bloodline.

Fast forward to Part 2 of the book and we find ourselves in modern England where Sean resides with his extended family. Over the years the curse has laid dormant with bloodlines being weakened by mixed marriages. But, lately Sean’s teenage son, Kevin has been plagued with nightmares, about to turn 18 his grandfather begins to worry about the Banshee curse. At first, grandpa Brendan’s old stories are ignored but as things begin to take a serious turn for the worse Sean realizes he must travel back to Ireland to find a way to break the curse upon his son before it is too late.

Racing against time, Sean enlists the aid of two locals who are familiar with the lay of the land. But, can it be enough, or will a curse made from spilled blood prove to be too strong? You’ll have to read the book to find out!

Mixing fact with fiction, Doyle has given us an imaginative tale that is filled with surprising twists. I found myself page-turning to see what was to happen next. This is Doyle’s first novel and I am looking forward to reading more from this author. You can pick up your copy HERE!

4/5     banshee

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