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Anthony J. Rapino, Greetings from Moon Hill review

Written by Paula Limbaugh

“BREATHE DEEP OF THE NIGHT.” – Old Moon Hill Proverb

Greetings from Moon Hill! Yep, Moon Hill has welcomed us in the past and now we can delve a little deeper into the surroundings. Anthony J. Rapino’s fictional little town is quite the place, some of you may even think it sounds a lot like home. For the uninitiated think of this as a tour guide, where you will walk the streets alongside some of the denizens to experience a full behind the scenes look of everyday living in Moon Hill. Check the reality you know at the door and be ready to explore this hidden gem of a town!

The book opens with Graham Darby, a news reporter with a love for the bottle. At one time, he was a pretty good reporter but as his love affair grew he was put on the fluff pieces. This first entry into the book is Graham’s letter of resignation to his editor after an assignment to write a travel piece for the town of Moon Hill and he feels lucky after his experience to even write it.

Continuing on, we can explore the daily life of Moon Hill (sometimes gruesome, other times odd, always unexpected) through a series of short stories touching down on the strange occurrences going on around the town. Together they form a cohesive story, but each story can stand alone and you can read them in any order. Graham’s notes are scattered between some of the stories to give you first-hand knowledge of what he lived to tell. I must mention that if you get your hands on a hard copy of this book you are in for a treat, author Todd Keisling has drawn a map of the town which gives you a sense of where all the action is taking place.     20161019_154339-1

As a bonus the novella, Reality Engineers is included. Here you will find stories of a skewed and twisted view of the world as we know it. And… if you feel daring you can try your hand at concocting your very own Moon Hill Pumpkin Ale, recipe included!

I don’t know why but as I was reading the book The Beatles’ Magical Mystery Tour kept popping in my head and I’m not even a Beatles fan. I think it’s just that whole trippy vibe of being ‘taken away’ that comes up while touring Moon Hill. This is a one of kind book, you’re not going to find stories like these anywhere else. Do pick it up HERE! I purchased my signed and numbered hard copy through a Kickstarter campaign, there are a few limited edition hard copies left which you can find here, but hurry once they’re gone, they’re gone!

5/5     moonhill

3 Comments on Anthony J. Rapino, Greetings from Moon Hill review

  1. So cool – especially the ale recipe! Thanks for the review! 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Paula Limbaugh // October 20, 2016 at 9:01 pm // Reply

    You’re most welcome! And… the recipe sounds delish!!


  3. Excellent review Paula. I have visited Moon Hill before this book and loved it. I am envious that you were able to get the Hard copy but at this time it is just out of my price range. Anthony Writes a great book. He is skilled and Todd is fortunate that Tony worked with him on this. They really put out one worthy tale. I want to see this in paperback .


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