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Movie Talk: 4 Less Known Horror Movies You Should See

image from the horror movie the canal

If you haven’t seen any of these pieces, now’s the right time!

The horror genre is one which gets a bad rep. That is because a big percent of the movies showcase the same old horror tropes and are terribly foreseeable.

These four jewels we selected simply went by undetected due to the market being saturated by garbage, and they’ll be pigeonholed in with the dreadful releases of the year

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4. The Canal

The Canal is an Irish horror movie which has an old school feel because there’s a significant sense of anxiety that develops throughout the film, and this makes it a fascinating and tense film from the get-go. That is mainly achieved through sound, the creepy camerawork, and lighting which is used, but also thanks to the outstanding acting from Calum Heath and Steve Oram.

This stress is subsequently furthered when David is given some footage that is troubling to work on of a crime that occurred in his house. Unnerving twists and turns follow, and it is a truly chilling film to watch, which also includes jump and gore scares to keep you on the edge of your seat until it reaches its stunning conclusion.

3. Lake Mungo

Like every other faux documentary horror movie, Australian horror Lake Mungo might look like a cliché on the surface. This is not the case, and it’s truly an amazing psychological horror that’s as creepy as it is can while also being mental.

It’s a good idea to go without too much prior knowledge into the movie, but the premise is the Palmer family is grieving over the recent drowning of their 15-year-old daughter, Alice.

Soon, the family begins to see strange things happening around their family house. That is all told in a faux-documentary style, seeing heavy use of talking head shots, news reports, and documentary footage.

This makes the family’s challenge to come to terms with Alice’s departure more emotive, and it’s a depressing yet fascinating investigation of bereavement that is certainly joined with chilling and terrifying horror. Lake Mungo is unique and a great movie from Joel Anderson.

2. Session 9

Brad Anderson’s Session 9 is wildly underrated, and it is because it does not seem like the most original horror. The plot sees a team working in an abandoned mental asylum, and they soon begin to strike strange occurrences while on the job.

Session 9 is unlike the majority of these movies, although there are thousands of horror pictures that follow the same setup. This can be a film which has an anxious, claustrophobic and unnerving atmosphere throughout, but additionally, it relies heavily on character development, and this is paralleled by the revelations of a former patient’s troubling psychiatry recordings.

The lighting and sound design also contribute to the strong sense of apprehension that gives nods to many old school mental classics, for example, The Shining, and like all horror movies that are emotional and good, you will be considering the movie after it reaches its climax.

1. Ils (Them)

The French certainly know about the making of horror films, and Ils (Them) is a prime example of this. “Based on real events,” Ils is set in an isolated country house where a French school teacher and her husband are terrorized through the entire night by hooded invaders.

Their car is stolen, the phone lines are disconnected, and lights are switched off in the house, as they soon find themselves stalked by these unknown assailants.

Like all the great horror movies, instead of cheap scares and gratuitous violence, the affecting nature comes from a fear of what exactly is lurking in the shadows and your imagination. The anxiety is palpable throughout the film, making it an engaging yet intensely disturbing movie that leaves you watching through your fingers.

This leads to your shocking climax that’s reached masterfully by directors David Moreau and Xavier Palud.

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6 Comments on Movie Talk: 4 Less Known Horror Movies You Should See

  1. I havent seen the French film, but have seen the others more than once. All great movies in their own right and definitely worth a watch. Not your usual horror movie fare

    Liked by 1 person

  2. I’ve seen Session 9, but haven’t heard of these others. The Canal looks interesting though. Thanks for the Rec. I’m always looking for at least a couple new horror movies to get hooked on every Halloween.

    Have you seen the movies Wer and Bite, and if so will you review them?


    • Hello there!

      I have seen both Wer and Bite.

      I think Bite is honestly weak, I didn’t like it so much and would definitely not call it a hidden diamond.

      Wer is superior, in my opinion and is definitely worth watching though I consider it just a degree below these featured here.


      Liked by 2 people

    • The Canal is a great flick. Creepy but very melancholy, as well. I thought Bite was an excellent flick, and Wer was extremely bold in a few of their maneuvers. I don’t want to spoil it, but I’ll say this: You’ve never seen werewolves like this.

      Liked by 1 person

      • I’ve seen Wer, but wanted to know what you guys thought of it. I actually liked Bite, which was a hurting a bit in characterization but not bad.


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