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Kristopher Triana ‘Growing Dark’ Review

Hmm, Kristopher Triana… I never heard of him (don’t ask what rock I’ve been under) until I happened upon a contest on Facebook. So, just for fun, I entered it and Whoa, I won! Two signed books from the author and what a pleasant surprise they turned out to be. The book I will be reviewing here is Growing Dark. I find his writing style has a down-home charm that I rather like, totally relatable yet there’s a razor-sharp edge looming in the background.

Eaters is not your average zombie story, oh no, it centers more on those who have recovered from the virus and are able to go on with their life. But, you know what they say about forbidden fruit, once tasted it’s hard to replace it.

Ah, kids these days are getting harder to scare, what with YouTube, video games, it is just taking more to give them a fright. But, what becomes of those old frightful things that used to scare you, you know, like the monsters under the bed, the shadows lurking in the corner? In Before the Boogeymen Come, we find those old classic scares ready to take back the night!

Ooh, Video Express is a creepy little tale of a blast from the past… the neighborhood video store. Remember those dinosaurs? Steve thought he hit the jackpot when he chanced upon an ad for one such store, always the horror nerd he just had to check it out. Hmm, the VCR is playing and Steve is about to see a video that is playing out a horror that is scarier than any movie he’s ever seen!

Legends never die they live in our hearts forever and tend to grow bigger over time. Here we find two movie idols, Charles Bronson and Lee Marvin face to face in the afterlife. Always the hero in their movies they have been given the task of hunting demons on their path to Heaven. This is my favorite story of the bunch, but then, Bronson and Marvin were always my movie idols (yeah, I’m showing my age!).

You’ll find 6 more stories all just as entertaining in this collection. They are…

From the Storms, A Daughter

Growing Dark


The Bone Orchard

Soon There’ll Be Leaves

Giving from the Bottom

All in all, another great collection of short stories that I recommend checking out. You can pick up your copy HERE!

5/5         growing-dark

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