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Glenn Rolfe ‘Chasing Ghosts’ Review

Written by Paula Limbaugh

Wow… I think Glenn Rolfe’s stories are getting better all the time. I’ve been reading his stories for a long time and I find his storytelling is getting stronger with each one. Chasing Ghosts, his latest release is comparable to a Jack Ketchum novel. Perhaps the premise isn’t unique but the story is Glenn’s own. He grabs you at the get-go and keeps you page turning throughout the story wondering what’s to come. A bit like Ketchum’s Offspring we find a cannibalistic tribe of inbreeds just waiting for their next victim.

The story starts off with three friends, Jesse, Luke, and Davey out in the woods at night… chasing ghosts is what they call their exploration. The woods at one time were inhabited by the Cobb Family, a backwoods inbred clan that were eventually run off the land, or so, that’s what the townsfolk think. When the boys go missing nothing will ever be the same again.

Some time has passed since the disappearance of the boys and an old stoner is renting a cabin in the woods, away from nosey neighbors it’s party central on the weekends and tonight is no different, the woods are full of life. Like any good slasher flick you know this is prime fodder for what’s to come! Don’t try guessing who’s going to make it through the night, chances are you’ll be wrong!!

Glenn doesn’t hold anything back, the scenes are graphic and gritty and yes, even disgusting at times. This is full technicolor gore in your face. Glenn has dedicated this book to Jack Ketchum, Richard Laymon, Brian Keene, and Jonathan Janz, and you can see by his story their influence on his writing style. No, he didn’t copy their style but grew from their works and here he displays his own voice. The only fault I found with this novella is that I wish some of the characters were fleshed out a bit more so that we as readers could relate a little more with them. Other than that, I say if you like gore then you are going to love this book! You can grab your copy HERE!

4/5      chasing-ghosts

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