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Monique Snyman ‘Muti Nation’ Review

Written by Paula Limbaugh

“In order to be invincible one needs only to be invisible.”

Monique Snyman is a gifted editor who knows a good story when she reads one, but… can she write a good story herself?? Well, I’m happy to say, Yes, she can! Monique, a denizen of South Africa has brought to life some of the horrors based in fact from the sub-cultures of her country. Muti Nation deals with muti-murders, you know, the killing of one in order to mutilate the corpse. Just like the rhino is hunted and killed for his horn to be used in potions, the human body also carries parts that some think may hold special powers.

Not only is this story a fast-paced horror infused crime read it is also a bit of an education. I must admit I really don’t know too much about South Africa and this book gave me insight on a lot of the cultural aspects of the country. This is a multifaceted read, Monique has brought together mystery, horror, the supernatural, history and a bit of romance all in one suspense-filled novel.

The story opens with Esmé Snyders. She works alongside with the Pretoria West police department as an Occult Crime Expert. Called in to determine if the latest crime victim is a muti case, Esme soon finds herself thrust into a much larger scale murder ring that is dealing with the paranormal.

A cat and mouse game soon ensues and as Esmé hunts down the ring leader of this muti killing cult, she finds herself being stalked by her target. Is she in over her head, can the killer be caught before he strikes again?

This is one of those stories that you can easily see become the basis of a TV series à la Grimm. Plenty of action and enough drama to keep your interest, the possibilities for continuing stories are wide open! Hmm, Monique Snyman… maybe it’s time to get an agent! Seriously, this is one good read, you can grab your copy HERE!

5/5     muti-nation

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