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Paupers’ Graves, James Everington review

Written by Paula Limbaugh

You know, it’s said that after the body dies the soul lives on and I think that’s true. I think we all leave a little essence of ourselves behind. James Everington gives us a story of such in Paupers’ Graves. History has a way of rewriting itself, but can one truly ignore the facts or forget they happened? Here we find the souls of the past bringing forth their lives to those in the present.

Katherine is a woman who likes to think of herself as above others, she looks down her nose at those less fortunate than her, but if truth be told she once walked in their shoes. Katherine along with 2 interns Alex and Katya and groundskeeper Murphy have been given the task of cleaning up the paupers’ graves in the Anglican cemetery and setting up a memorial as a remembrance to those buried there. Of course, Katherine finds the task distasteful and wants to slap together a generalization of just 3 of the names found on the mass burial markers. After all, why would anyone want to know of the poverty or debauchery that led these souls to be buried here?

Ah, but all this dredging up of past lives bring to life more than they bargained for. The souls of those buried together so long ago haven’t been able to rest easy. Entering the world of the surreal, vestiges of a forgotten past begin to surface. Memories soon become entangled and no longer can one be sure of what’s real. Soon, Katherine and her little group find themselves walking a fine line between the living and the dead.

James Everington has given us a brilliantly done novella that is probably my favorite read so far this year. The subtle buildup and surprising end all lend to an excellent story. I highly recommend reading this one, you can pick up a copy HERE!

5/5   paupersgrave

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