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Phil Sloman, Becoming David review

Writtten by Paula Limbaugh

Becoming David, such a simple title for such a strange tale. Phil Sloman has given us a very different story of a man with more refined tastes than most. This is the tale of Richard who just happens to enjoy the flavor of human flesh.

Richard comes across a bit of a prim fussy man. He enjoys a clean house and the smell of fresh flowers filling the air of his home. Richard also enjoys the company of young men, so much so that he consumes them. It’s all very easy in this internet age to find a partner who won’t be missed. They go with him willingly and succumb to his advances before they realize what’s about to take place. Life goes on until…


There’s something about David, he’s a little different than the others. Soon Richard begins to find his thoughts are occupied by David, he is starting to feel a bit off as though slowly David is incorporating his very being into Richard. Too late Richard realizes he is no longer the one in charge, he is no longer the one who consumes the finer cuts of meat, but the one who is being consumed!

This novella is truly a twisted tale. One that I found refreshing in the glut of horror I read. Some may find the subject matter a tad disgusting, but nothing is spelled out too graphically that it would turn your stomach. I really recommend giving this one a go. You can pick up your copy HERE!

5/5            51-jnmchmfl

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