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M.L. Kennedy, 100 by 100: Stories in 100 Words review

Written by Paula Limbaugh

100 by 100 is a collection of 100 stories that are each 100 words long. Mathematically, that makes each worth 1/10 of a picture. Some of these 0.1 pictures are scary, some are funny, some are funny and scary, while others are just odd.”                                   -M.L. Kennedy

Hmm… 100 stories using 100 words each is quite an ambitious undertaking. I admire those that can come up with a story using so little words, unfortunately, this doesn’t always work. Yes, as the author stated above there are some funny, some scary stories, but for the most part, I found most to be odd. To me, the majority of the stories came across as nonsensical. Which is fine for those that enjoy this type of humor. But, since I was given this book to review for a horror website I have to say I don’t consider the mere mention of dark creatures or paranormal events enough to classify this book as ‘horror’ or even ‘comedic horror’.

With that said, I think this book would fare better in the Humor and Entertainment category. There are enough stories here to make you laugh. Some may make you ponder a bit on what the heck you just read and may just leave you scratching your head in wonder. Stories like A Question Better Suited for the CDC, Booby, Fancy Blanket, and Gargling made me crack a grin. I just wish there were more of those. I’m not saying this is a bad book it just isn’t my cup of tea, Others with a different sense of humor than mine may think I’m nuts and love every story. As are all reviews this is only one persons’ opinion so if you would like to check it out for yourself you can find it HERE!

3/5  100by100

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