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Mark West, The Factory review

Written by Paula Limbaugh

Wow, that’s all I can say. What a creepy read! In The Factory Mark West has managed to deftly engulf us in a shadow of doom. One by one his characters are faced with psychological terror that has you imagining the same happening to you. No monster needed to give you a scare, just your own wild imagination, or… is there something to it?

Tom Williams is an urban explorer, since his days at university he has been continuing his trek for the next adventure. When his old pal Paul tells him that the old long abandoned Pocock Factory can be accessed Tom jumps at the chance to explore it. But, alas Paul is unable to go and the next thing he knows Tom’s mother is calling to say Tom is dead.

Paul reaches out to their fellow urban explorers from their uni days so they can say their goodbyes to Tom. The group, Paul, Martin, Gwen, and Jane decide to pay tribute to Tom by exploring Pocock Factory for him. Unbeknownst to all the Pocock family has been hiding a dark history behind the walls of the factory. Thus the adventure begins.

Slowly the group begins to feel all is not right and decide it’s time to leave. But unknown forces are at play here and by the old ‘divide and conquer’ method the friends are being taken out. Too late they realize what is happening and as they find themselves trapped in a nightmare.

There are so many elements of suspense, of dread, of sensory overload. You know what I’m talking about. That feeling of being watched, that little sensation of being touched, yeah, those. You begin to feel the characters’ unease which soon becomes terror as you read on. I think you will enjoy this one, you can pick up your copy HERE!

5/5         thefactory

2 Comments on Mark West, The Factory review

  1. Interesting review here…as always .. Thank you Paula….Vitina


  2. Thank you very much Paula, I do appreciate your taking the time to read it!


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