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Mike Robinson ‘Waking Gods (The Enigma of Twilight Falls Book 3)’ Review

Written by: Vitina Molgaard


“I think therefore I am.”

—Rene Descartes


There is something ethereal about Twilight Falls, something there that brings forth the poetry and talent of most who call this place home. Unfortunately, death lurks within it also. A death that is ancient and has several names. Apparently a serial killer is among them, and that ultimately leads to a few crucial question: Who is the killer, and just how old is he?

Adrian Foster has returned back home to the Falls. He’s reclusive and has been given an extraordinary gift, one that has also left him carrying an atypical nickname: The Human Master Key. Learning what he’s capable of doing with this so-called gift, proves paramount to the narrative.

There is a vicious presence, or entity of some sort that has been found in the woods which surround this little town. It’s an enigma of a threat that brings Adrian together once again with a rather eccentric detective named Derek Adams. It won’t be long before the good cop realizes that he probably should have put the gun and badge down years ago.

Robinson has crafted another refined tale, skillfully narrated and broad in scope, readers enter a realm full of adventure that subsequently brings forth an issue with the occult. All of these intricacies make for a read full of depth, but they also trigger a quest for answers to some of the world’s few reaming unknowns.

Who, or what is God? What are The Gods? This eternal question has rested – dormant or not – in all of our minds, and it’s done so since the beginning of time.

The story jumps back and forth in time as it introduces us to various characters. Some of which are obvious humans living in the present, some of which may harbor some secrets that others remain ignorant to, and may not occupy the present. And then you’ve got characters like The Surgeon and Grandfather, who just aren’t likable, plain and simple.

It’s important to understand that it’s hard to avoid spoiling the story for you. The paranormal pulses through the story and the characters are interesting and unique. Toss in Robinson’s own brand of storytelling and you’ve got yourself something special.

Having read the first two books connected to this story, I’ve grown familiar with Robinson’s work and his style. I can tell you right now, this one is delightfully constructed. Before you jump into this one, however, I’d recommend looking into its predecessors: The Green Eyed Monster and Negative Space. You’ll find yourself far more familiar with the town of Twilight Falls, and the possibilities of Waking Gods.

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Rating: 5/5

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