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Chad Lutzke ‘Of Foster Homes and Flies’ Review

Written by Paula Limbaugh

What a title… Of Foster Homes and Flies, as soon as I saw it my curiosity was piqued. Foster homes, flies, what exactly is Chad Lutzke writing about? Well, obviously I had to read it otherwise, I wouldn’t be writing this review.

This is Denny Christopher Newman’s story and oh, what a story he has to tell. Denny is a 12-year-old boy living with his alcoholic mom. After his dad passed away, Denny has been pretty much on his own. All mom has to live for is the bottle and pity parties. One morning Denny wakes up but mom doesn’t. It is at this point that Denny has a decision to make that could alter his life forever.

The school year is just about over and the annual spelling bee is coming up. All year Denny has been studying to do his best for this event. Imagining that if he could win, dad would be so proud of him. But, now this business with mom has just thrown a wrench into all of Denny’s plans. Or… has it?

What if, he could hold off and report mom’s demise after the spelling bee. She’s drunk all the time, hardly ever leaves the house, could he really pull it off?  Ah, the things that a child thinks of when push comes to shove.

This is a wonderfully told story of growing up, facing one’s fears, and taking that first step into adulthood. Its dark subject matter is balanced with the authenticity of Denny’s character. You want everything to go in his favor, you want him to come out stronger for his actions, you can’t help but cheer him on!  Like a story plucked from Ray Bradbury’s Dandelion Wine, it is one that will be remembered long after you’re done reading.

I highly recommend getting this one, click HERE to purchase your copy!

Rating: 5/5

1 Comment on Chad Lutzke ‘Of Foster Homes and Flies’ Review

  1. I have this on Kindle but still need it in book format…need to hold my books.


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