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Paying Nothing, Loving Every Bit of Marvel and Innovation’s ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Comics!

Innovation’s Nightmares on Elm Street #4

Innovation Nightmare Cover 4

Book four begins where book three left off, and we see Devonne, on the move with Jacob by her side. But this particular exchange doesn’t unfold as one might anticipate. Jacob is in full control, and Devonne doesn’t like it much when he leads them to a graveyard, heading straight for his father’s grave.

Back in what we believe is the real world Alice wakes. She sees lights on downstairs, but is frightened to find that her boy is nowhere to be found.

Back in the graveyard Jacob turns Devonne into a pile of melted mush, forcing her back in time, reliving dark memories of a home filled with abuse. It’s breaking Devonne, and it doesn’t look particularly challenging. Can Jacob dictate the pace of battle with a force as imposing as Freddy Krueger? All signs indicate we’ll soon find out. For now, we do find out that Devonne lost her family in a house fire when she was just a child. Apparently, she didn’t just lose them, she set the fire up. And apparently, she’s been fighting to survive for a long time; her deal with Freddy may be of a greater magnitude, but Devonne has always hustled her way to tomorrow.

Devonne’s traumatic past is the true focus of this issue, and it pushes readers to a point in which they’ve got to decide, to like or not to like. That’s the question. No child wants or deserves to be abused… but taking retaliatory actions to the degree of murder is pretty gnarly. There’s big success in character exploration and reader connection in this issue, and that gets big kudos from me.

Jacob finds himself sucked directly into Freddy’s nightmarish boiler room, and the villain looks to be on the cusp of building on the edge he has in this confrontation. But the interesting thing is, it would seem Freddy has designs for the young boy. He wants Jacob’s assistance and that’s got grim news written all over it.

Back in the real world mom gets in gear and plans to find her missing son. She knows Freddy’s involved to some extent, and she wants to bring things to an end. And to get that ball rolling, she heads for the hospital, where Neil finally wakes. Just in time for battle.

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