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Paying Nothing, Loving Every Bit of Marvel and Innovation’s ‘A Nightmare on Elm Street’ Comics!

Innovation’s Nightmares on Elm Street #3

Innovation Nightmare Cover 3

The third issue of Innovation’s initial run sees Tony Harris step away from the artistic duties, while Patrick Rolo steps in to fill the void. Can Rolo live up to the stunning visuals provided by Harris? You’re about to find out.

You’re also about to find out that issue number three launches an entirely new story arc. For whatever reason, it strikes me as odd that Innovation didn’t opt for a beefier, broader story to fill out the (roughly) 152 page count? It just feels… wrong to me. I wasn’t prepared to meet an entirely new cast midway through the series.

Here we are, and we’re best off trying to see the good in the story before we judge it. So, just like that we’re off and running, right into Loose Ends: Return to Springwood. Doesn’t anybody learn?

In this story we see Alice, who survived encounters with Freddy in the fourth and fifth Nightmare films return to the town that caused her nothing but pain and misery six years prior. Why in the world she’d take her child to the very last place in the world any parent would take their child, is something of a hurdle to overcome, but Alice was always likable, so we’ll see if she can pull it off.

It turns out she’s back to take care of family business, as her father recently passed on. When they arrive in Alice’s childhood home the flashbacks hit her hard, and we learn that there’s something special about her boy: he can see the same memories she’s having. Actually, he can read minds in general. Creepy.

Alice and her boy meet a local, Devonne, who gives Alice the chills. Her son, Jacob, however, seems to be quite intrigued by the woman. A warning goes out from mother to son, but will it be heeded or will this Devonne character later return as something more than a friendly neighbor?

Again Doctor Neil Gordon appears. He’s working at a hospital when an incident erupts. One of the patients has cut his own eyelids off for fear of falling asleep. He’s terrified that Freddy will get to him. And he just about does, but Gordon looks so much tastier. It’s a close call for Neil, but something seems to pull him from unconsciousness just seconds before being carved to pieces.

We get some awesome visuals through that entire sequence. It’s not going to be easy forgetting the look on Kirk Newton’s face as blood streams down his face, dripping from the ragged flesh above and below his eyes. Hardcore stuff, right there.

We also learn that Neil wasn’t pulled from unconsciousness, he was being protected by Nancy. We learn this, because Jacob can see it all inside of Gordon’s head. This kid is obviously going to prove quite powerful, perhaps a formidable foe for the terrifying Krueger.

It isn’t long before we see Devonne for what she really is, a hardcore, cold blooded murderer. We’re talking savage. She seems to be making sacrifices to Krueger. Alice read this one perfectly, and that fact is undeniable, especially when we learn that the town has been dealing with 23 dead or missing teens in recent months. Devonne’s a busy bee, and Freddy must be growing stronger.

Freddy soon sends Devonne on one final mission: he wants the boy. And Devonne, who’s about as freaky as it gets – we’re even talking sexual freaky – is going to get him for Krueger. Or so she thinks.

The book’s nearly over and we get some shots that are just riveting. We see Dan, all unified with his bike, and it looks good. We also get to some of the inner conflicts, as Jacob pretty much trounces Freddy’s ass in the dream world, and we also see an interesting encounter with Devonne, who shows up in the book’s final page or so. She and Jacob leave – both willingly – to see Jacob’s father, who, as he informs us, is “under the ground.

This new arc is awfully nifty!

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