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Author Wayne C. Rogers Passes Away

I’ve known Wayne C. Rogers for a number of years. If you’re lingering around this site, you probably realize he was a frequent contributor to HNR for years. He helped arrange special “Author Days” on HNR, and provided a wealth of amazing content for those days. He made recommendations that saw implementation. He was mighty busy, and he made a difference. He was dedicated. He cared about authors in a way that I had never seen. And you know what? He was a nice guy. A genuinely nice, likable guy.

Wayne passed away some time last evening after struggling with health issues for quite some time.

Although busy reviewing new and old titles alike, Wayne managed to dedicate more time to his own writing during the final few years of his life. He was a good writer. He was a prolific writer. He was a good man. And we’re going to miss him around these parts, dearly.

You can find a number of works from Wayne on Amazon, including A Code of Honor, Norma Jean, A Final Taste of Blood and Shanghai Ed and the Valley of Gold.

Enjoy your rest, Wayne, you’ve more than earned it. I’m sorry to see you go – I really am. I hope to see you on the other side.

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5 Comments on Author Wayne C. Rogers Passes Away

  1. This absolutely stuns me. RIP Wayne … you gave so much of yourself not only to HNR but your own artistic talent. Be at Peace…


  2. Glad to have known him. A great person and writer.


  3. Sorry to hear of his passing.


  4. Very sad to hear this. He use to work for me in 2003 at the Stardust I talked to him in June when did he pass away?


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