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Jasper Bark ‘The Final Cut’ Review

The Final Cut

Written by Paula Limbaugh

Jasper Bark never fails to astound me. The Final Cut is an amazing story filled with graphic detail that may cause one to cringe, so be forewarned this is not for the faint of heart. Perhaps you wonder why does Jasper need to add such vivid descriptions, well… if he didn’t do you really have the life experiences to imagine such scenes?

Jimmy and Sam are in over their heads when they find themselves heavily in debt to a big-time crime lord. They are about to be taught a lesson of what happens when you cross the wrong person, but sometimes things end up working in your favor… right? Ahh, what was thought to be a reprieve ends up spiraling into a living nightmare.

The boys have gotten ahold of a snuff film that they think they can incorporate into an epic horror film, too soon they realize this film treads deep into the netherworld. No longer can anything or anyone be taken at face value as the layers slowly peel away so much more of the story is revealed, until it’s left to Jimmy to set things right again.

As the film takes on a life of its own we find Middle Eastern mythology intertwined against a backdrop of modern horror as we are taken on a journey through the ages. Of good and evil and one man’s quest for redemption. But, as we know redemption comes at a high price and not everyone can be saved.

Painted with visceral prose this story reaches down and grabs you from the get-go! Be ready to read this in one sitting, it’s hard to put it down. **Be warned this book is Rated R, for mature readers only! You can grab your copy HERE!

Rating: 5/5 finalcut

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