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William Cook ‘Blood Related’ Review

Written by: Wesley Thomas

A superbly sick and twisted horror novel that delves into a dark psyche!

We have a very rough-around-the-edges family. A serial killer for a father, drunk for a mother, and twin boys who witness more than any child should.

This book details the horrific things people do to each other and how it mentally and emotionally affects others.

I was completely glued to the pages throughout this book. William Cook clearly does a lot of research when creating his characters and the storylines. It goes far beyond blood, gore and cheap thrills. The kind of horror within these pages will haunt your mind for years to come. The description of these disturbed individuals will send chills down your spine.

This book’s appeal knows no bounds. It has obvious elements of horror. Then a huge criminal element as a detective tries to take down this messed up family. Then as we are on the edge of our seat at several times throughout this novel, there comes a thriller element. And last but not least, a huge psychological theme runs throughout. We are shown, in graphic detail, the darkness that dwells in certain people’s minds.

I do urge the more sensitive readers among us to head for the hills. This book is unnerving on many levels. Not to mention the gruesome murders and vivid depictions of those murders.

I loved how the book was written as if a true crime novel. The style made it all the more enthralling.

Overall, an epic horror/crime/ thriller/psychological novel that stands out from the rest. It will haunt your mind, leave you gasping in terror, but morbidly unable to stop reading the unthinkable massacre.

Order it here.

Rating: 5/5

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