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Maria DeLynn and Lilith K. Duat ‘The Disturbia Ritual’ Review

Written by: Myra Gabor

Corvus is standing on the roof of his building trying to decide whether or not to jump. His wife had died in a car accident and he wants to be reunited with her. He decides against jumping as he is sure that will send him to Hell where he will never meet her again. Instead, he goes back to his apartment where he showers and goes to bed. Semi-conscious he feels a body riding him. It is a porcelain doll with a calavera, a sugar skull painted white with a grotesque face and feathers on her head, who is riding him. Although made of cold, brittle porcelain, she feels warm wherever he touches her. Besides the sex, she explains that she has a proposition for him. If he gives her what she wants, she’ll arrange for him to see his wife again.

Corvus wakes to find himself standing on a different roof in an unfamiliar city under a sky the color of filthy, red silk. In order to again meet this calavera, known as Lady Midnight, he must make his way through a labyrinth which he can only do with the help of a goat woman. She will only help him if he pleasures her.

These two encounters set the tone of the book.  Corvus is in the city of Disturbia and the ritual he must perform is to have sex with every female Lady Midnight presents to him, no matter how bizarre she looks. Each female gets her own descriptive and fully detailed chapter of sex.  It’s not quite porn hiding in an outer layer of a gloomy fantasy world. The ending should come as no surprise.

This is a novella and can be read quickly or very slowly. Depends how hung up you get on the sex in each chapter.

The story line was dark and even all the sex these authors’ fertile minds dreamed up couldn’t relieve it. It wasn’t really to my taste, but it is well written, which is why I gave it a higher rating that I otherwise would have.

Order it here.

Rating: 4/5


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