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Jan Edwards, Fables and Fabrications review

Written by Paula Limbaugh

Oh my, what an eclectic collection of stories found here. Jan Edwards’ Fables and Fabrications features some of her best tales. From fantasy to supernatural to just plain macabre, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a story you don’t enjoy. There are poems, twisted fairy tales, and of course stories that will enthrall you.

In Drawing Down the Moon, we meet Cinthia, a mother who would do anything for her child even at the cost of her own well-being. When faced with the ultimate betrayal Cinthia decides no longer to give of herself.

Damnation Seize My Soul is a fantastical swashbuckling tale of high seas adventure and perseverance.

I don’t know why, but Winter Eve made me chuckle. Perhaps it was the nasty twist at the end or maybe just because I like horses.

The Abused and Him, such a nightmarish tale. One who has ever experienced abuse knows it doesn’t end when it stops.

Hmm… there is something about cats that I’ve never trusted. Always stalking, lurking in the shadows. The residents of the Honeywood Hospice have been enjoying the Pet Therapy offered. But, who has brought in the cat that never seems to leave and what is it that the cat brings to the residents?

Hah, A Taste of Culture a wickedly delightful tale that shows high standards can be found even amongst monsters.

The above is just a taste of what you’ll find inside this book. I like how Jan features strong female characters as I tire of reading how it’s always the man that comes to rescue the poor damsel in distress. These stories won’t give you nightmares, just pure reading pleasure. You can pick up a copy HERE!

4/5    janedwardscover

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