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Richard Thomas ‘Tribulations’ Review

Written by Paula Limbaugh

Sometimes we need a little darkness in our lives to fully appreciate the light. Richard Thomas gives us that and so much more in his collection of short stories brought to us by Crystal Lake Publishing. Tribulations is a book to savor, don’t try reading it all at once… you may not be able to climb back out of the despair found here.

You will find people here prepared for the worse that life can throw at them, and you know what? It doesn’t matter, nothing is going to help. There are no knights in shining armor just grim reality. Normal people with everyday concerns looking for something better, only there isn’t anything else. Just the lot you’re dealt with.

Yep, this book is filled with the worst type of horror, stories of no hope, no redemption. Thomas weaves through these lives with a deft hand. Cold reality slapping you in the face, and yet, you’ll find yourself wanting more. Why? Because deep down you know these stories make your life seem so much better.

Scattered within you will find artwork by the talented Luke Spooner. And, the stunning cover… is the work of the amazing Ben Baldwin.

Included are the following 25 stories, some may sound familiar as they have been seen before in various publications, but all are worth rereading….

Fireflies (art)                      trib1


Love Letters

Vision Quest


The Wastelands (art)


The Handyman

Bringing in the Sheaves


The Culling

Flowers for Jessica (art)

Wicker Park Pause

On a Bent Nail Head

Dance, Darling

The Fix-It Man

Gandaberunda (art)

Shackled to the Shadows                                                                     trib2

Playing with Fire

Little Red Wagon

Asking for Forgiveness

Balance Sheet

White Picket Fences (art)

Chasing Ghosts

The Offering on the Hill

Rating: 5/5

You can pick up a copy HERE!




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