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Philip Fracassi ‘Altar’ and ‘Mother’ Reviews

Written by Paula Limbaugh

Since the two books reviewed here are both novelettes, I thought I would tell you about them in the same space. Novelettes like short stories can be tricky to review in depth. You don’t want to give away too much of the story, yet you want to catch the readers attention. I hope I did just that as these are both worthy of your time.

Wow! I have to say this was a refreshing read, something different! Philip Fracassi is a new author to me but is now one I shall follow. I was given an ARC of the novelette Altar and I was totally impressed. What starts out as a day swimming with the family turns into a nightmare of epic proportions.

13-year-old Gary and his older sister Abby have always been there for each other. While at the community pool with their mother, Abby is accosted by some older teens. Trying to find help for his sister, Gary soon realizes Abby is the least of anyone’s worries, something much darker has taken control of the pool. Their little world has gone amok and chances of survival look grim. Evil has a way of taking away innocence.

This is a fast paced read that may have you think twice before swimming this summer!  Available through Dunhams Manor Press, click HERE for Altar, you can also find Altar on Amazon.


4/5        ALTAR FINAL

After reading Altar I checked out a previously published novelette by Fracassi called Mother. Here we find a darker story told in first person with a gothic air. This is a story of a man, his marriage, and his world all collapsing around him.

Howard and Julie were two people with troubled pasts, but together they seemed to have it all. What should have been the perfect marriage, slowly disintegrates into one of self-loathing, insecurities, and hatred. Once a united front, they have now become two ships drifting further apart until the thought of a child brings them back together.

Ah, but that is wishful thinking… Julie has moved on in a world of her own. And Howard? He is besieged with dark murderous thoughts. Philip has created characters we want to succeed and makes us feel their pain. Loaded with dark possibilities, I think you’ll be surprised at the outcome. Available through Dunhams Manor Press, click HERE for Mother. Do check it out!

5/5        MOTHER Cover small


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