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Brian Keene ‘Take the Long Way Home’ Review

Written by: Matthew J. Barbour

Take the Long Way Home is a post-apocalyptic horror novella by Brian Keene. God has called the faithful to heaven. The rapture has occurred. At the ringing of the bell, the virtuous vanish, but what happens to those who are left behind?

Among them is a Jewish man named Steve. He had been on his way home to his Christian wife when the rapture occurred. Little does Steve know, but God has plans for him. Unfortunately for Steve, this means taking the long way home and the journey will not be easy. Steve will bear witness to the world as it falls apart under the guidance of those left behind.

Like Jack’s Magic Beans –another novella by Keene-, Take the Long Way Home reads as the first several chapters to a much larger book. It begins with an interesting hook and takes the time to develop some fairly sympathetic characters. At times, it even appears to set up a much larger confrontation between good and evil similar to Stephen King’s The Stand or Robert McCammon’s Swan Song. Then, it just ends.

Exactly why the story was never continued is not articulated in the author’s notes. Maybe someday, it will be, but for now the reader is left with something that isn’t entirely satisfactory. Keene can write a fantastic story. He has proven time and time again with The Girl on the Glider, The Rising, Ghoul, …etc. However, this one misses the mark.

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Rating: 2/5

Brian Keene

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