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Adam Nevill ‘The Last Days’ Review


Written by: Bindi Lavelle

The Last Days, follows broke documentary film maker Kyle, who is offered a golden ticket out of debt, when he is hired to make a documentary about the Last Days cult and their leader Sister Katherine, who were rumoured to be involved in strange occult activities. As the small 3 man crew Kyle assembled begin work on the film they discover there is more to the Last Days cult than they originally thought.

Adam Nevill uses the convention of the found footage genre which while stale in film form seems fresh and well suited for the pace of a novel. Nevill takes the time to build a dark atmosphere through the eyes of sceptics. Watching the film makers slowly doubt their original dismissive thoughts of the cult.

I won’t lie, I’ve found the popular found footage device to be over used to a fault in recent years; however in the slow rolling pace of The Last Days it has proved to be an excellent pairing of traditional supernatural thriller with modern sensibilities.

The Last Days while having an eerie atmosphere and plenty of appearances by creepy entities, is not a monster book nor does it have in your face scares. It is a slow and understated in its paranormal elements, readers who enjoy subtle supernatural narrative will find The Last Days an ideal match for them.

It is easy to see how Adam Nevil has become so popular, by producing smart contemporary horror. Fans of well paced supernatural suspense would find The Last Days, an absolute treat.

Rating: 3.5/5


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