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Frank Julius Palumbo Shares a Trailer for ‘The Enochian Wars: Armageddon Unleashed’

Frank Julius Palumbo

Frank Julius Palumbo brought 2015 to a close on a high note, releasing his latest monstrous concoction, The Enochian Wars: Armageddon Unleashed. From the sound of the synopsis, this definitely sounds like the beginning of the end.

You should probably study this novel, maybe pick up a few priceless survival tips.

You can order the novel right here, or you can check out the book’s trailer just below!

Synopsis: Planet Nibiru, known to the ancient Sumerians and spoken about in their writings on stone tablets thousands of years ago, has returned from its long orbit around the sun. This time, the inhabitants, huge winged gargoyles, plan on reaping that which they sowed on their last passing leaving Mankind fighting for both body and soul. Completely devastating the Earth with global Electromagnetic Pulse Nuclear bombs, Earth is suddenly left defenseless. Thousands of rectangular ships plummet in and around New York City and begin their erratic movement towards one goal; coalescing and forming a great wall around the metropolis and creating a central tower. As New York City is brought to its knees, Jack Savage, a veteran NYPD officer and long time dabbler in the Occult, practicing a little known form a magick called Enochian, is transformed into a being with talents similar to that of Earth’s new masters. That is, the ability to separate your soul-body from your physical body at will. Savage, along with his cynical partner Gilmore Boyle and Ol’ Willie-be-Good, a homeless crack addicted Vietnam veteran, begin the hopeless quest of defeating the Harvesters of Humanity.

Frank Julius Palumbo

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