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Jonathan Winn, Eidolon ‘Avenue: The First Feast’ Review

Written by: Paula Limbaugh

Have you ever driven around the city, just to browse through different neighborhoods? Sometimes you glance at these old buildings and have to wonder, who lives there, what do they do? Are their lives like mine, or is there something else hidden behind the façade?

Jonathan Winn has given us a glimpse into one such building, set on Eidolon Avenue, we are introduced to the residents of the first floor. Each reliving a past that is better forgotten. With explicit detail, we are brought into their lives, to get a taste of living on Eidolon Avenue.

Let’s start with the old lady in 1A, you know the type. Lost in memories of regrets, alone in her golden years waiting to die. But, Death never comes easy for those who await it, oh no, Death feeds off your need for release. Wanting you to relive every moment of those torturous regrets that can never be undone.

As we enter 1B we find a man who’s been running from his past. Using violence to subdue his fear of what he’s done, who he is. Aah, but one cannot run forever, eventually the past has a way of slithering into our present making us face the reality of our lives. Like a mirror, the old building on Eidolon Avenue reflects the sins of your past.

“Colton fucking Carryage,” who the hell does he think he is! Once part of the crème de la crème, he now resides in 1C, a dingy flat with stained walls and lost tomorrows. Colton’s soul reflects the decay of the building, seeped so deep in rot there is no redeeming quality to be had. With just a click, any girl can be had, until that is, they’ve had enough.

Oh, Marta, Marta, what have you done? Fifty years married to the same man, they have vowed to live and die together. But, somewhere down the line things have gone askance. The move to Eidolon is to be their last. Celebrating their last anniversary dinner with a dinner guest, Marta relates their time together. Time has a way of diminishing facts, but as you know it doesn’t change them. The walls of 1D have heard enough, it’s time for truths to be told.

The last residents of the first floor are little Umbra and her Gran, they occupy 1E. I believe over time old buildings pick up pieces of those dwelling behind their doors. Little essences that eventually grow as one to make up the personality of such buildings, a life of their own, so to speak. Little Umbra is a lonely girl, sent to live with her grandma after the untimely deaths of her parents. It is here, in this run-down apartment that she finds a kindred spirit in the heart of the building. Both with dark secrets to share.

The book cover is beautifully done by Ben Baldwin; it so aptly captures the stories within. Don’t let the “Mature Content” label throw you off, this is just plain old explicit in your face horror at its best. Yeah, maybe you might want to think twice before sitting down to dinner while reading this book. Some may get a little squeamish while ripping the meat from their rib bones with their teeth while reading of flesh being shredded in strips from a man’s body. I have to say, I treated this book like a fine meal, it is not to be rushed, but enjoyed slowly so you can linger a bit between each course and allow it to be fully digested. These are stories that won’t be soon forgotten. I do hope Jonathan will give us a peek into the lives the of second-floor residents, I can’t even imagine what kind of stories they have hidden!

I highly recommend Eidolon Avenue: The First Feast, pick up your copy here!

Rating: 5/5eidolonavenue

2 Comments on Jonathan Winn, Eidolon ‘Avenue: The First Feast’ Review

  1. Paula you have invited me into an interesting apartment building on Eidolon Avenue.I enjoyed the post this last weekend. I am curious though, is this available in paperback yet ? Vitina


  2. My apologies …it is indeed in paperback and available on Amazon.


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