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5 Horror Authors You Have to Read and Follow in 2016!

Glenn Rolfe

Written by: Matt Molgaard

Receiving countless genre novels isn’t the greatest perk of running a site like Horror Novel Reviews. What really, really gets me excited is discovering new talent and following visionaries who have something special to offer those in need of a macabre fix. And over the last four years I’ve found some genuine talents. Talents that are making a difference in this market.

Today we’re going to put the spotlight on five authors who are in the process of not only refining their craft, but changing the game as a whole. Don’t be surprised if any one of (or all) these authors are household names in the years to come. They’ve got the goods, and they’re the authors you should have your eyes on!

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Marcus Sedgwick

Sedgwick has been an attention magnet for a few years now, but his 2015 offering, The Ghosts of Heaven is poetic and chilling. Sedgwick has all the makings of a future master of horror should he maintain a strong work ethic and keep his focus on the macabre side of fiction. From the outside looking in, it seems that may be Sedgwick’s goal, which is a great thing for all of us!

Adam Nevill

Adam Nevill is no noob to the scene of horror fiction. In fact, he’s already written a few gorgeous tales that suck readers into a very disconcerting realm. His 2012 offering, The Ritual ranks as one of the greatest genre works available on the market, House of Small Shadows was spine tingling and No One Gets Out Alive carries a paralyzing promise; this could be a brilliant novel! Keep your eyes on Nevill!

Lee McGeorge


Lee McGeorge is a master of tackling topics relevant to society as we know it today. The Thing: Zero Day was one of the finest fan fiction tales ever told, and his 2016 release, Slenderman, Slenderman, Take this Child is terrifying and deeply disconcerting. I venture to guess McGeorge’s momentum will soon take him to the proverbial summit.

Glenn Rolfe

When I first read Glenn Rolfe’s work I was impressed. He seemed to have the potential to go very far in this business. Fast forward a few years and the man is going just that. Boom Town turned quite a few heads, but his latest, Blood and Rain is as magnetic as it gets. You’ve come a long way my friend, and there’s no doubt that 2016 will see your success continue to grow. Watch this kid, he’s good!

Catherine Cavendish

Saving Grace Devine was the first Cavendish novel I checked out. It was infectious and relatable. It also got me quite excited to look deeper into her growing body of work. Having released both The Pendle Curse and Dark Avenging Angel in 2015, the rollercoaster is gaining momentum. The Pendle Curse will be my next Cavendish read, but I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t insanely curious what chilling tales she’ll release in 2016!

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6 Comments on 5 Horror Authors You Have to Read and Follow in 2016!

  1. I recognize two of these writers immediately ,, Glenn Rolfe and Lee MCGeorge …and am looking forward to reading the others. Nice choices.


  2. I have McGeorge’s The Thing: Zero Day downloaded and ready to read and Rolfe’s Blood and Rain on my Kindle. I can’t wait to read them.


  3. Make them mandatory reading. Excellent work.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Some good choices here Matt! Very happy to see you include Glenn of course! I also like Nevill (of course he has been around a long time). Cat Cavendish is one of my favorite authors of modern gothic horror! Her next release is Devil’s Seranade and comes out March 2016 from Samhain. Sounds you have some other good ones there I will need to check out!


  5. Great picks! Glenn and Catherine are the read deal!


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