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Benedict Ashforth ‘Verona: A Ghost Story’ Review

Verona by Benedict Ashforth



Written by: Vitina Molgaard

The ghost story is one of our oldest bits of horror, perhaps originating around the campfire on dark eerie nights. These works are meant to frighten and terrorize the listeners until they find themselves wrapped close together in a huddle, shivering while watching the shadows that the fire brings to life flicker around them.

Benedict Ashforth has set out to keep the ghost story alive, effectively frightening the reader and leaving them a bit uncomfortable with the words that lie before them. Ashforth succeeds in his mission.

Charles and Caroline Carter are our unhappy couple who, after several failed attempts to have a child, have decided that they need to take a vacation and then come home to regroup emotionally. To sort through what has become of their marriage and formulate a plan as to what they should do next.

While discussing the options (as far as where they should go for this getaway) Caroline suddenly bursts forth with her own unexpected answer: To Verona, Italy. Not understanding why she herself has picked this place is a tad bit disturbing, yet that is where they decide to go. Unfortunately the couple find any hope for peace and rest is out of the question.

Instead the trip to Verona is interrupted by an ancient and unimaginable evil. One that will return home with them and forever alter their lives as it begins to wreak havoc on them. Shortly after the return home Caroline discovers she is pregnant but the baby brings about some bizarre changes. Changes unwanted by Charles, who notices his wife has begun to devolve change into someone that is not quite sane anymore.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book. While it is an admittedly short read it’s fully loaded with suspense and horror. There’s also a rewarding and surprising finale (in the sense that you just may not this one to end) in store for readers. I definitely suggest you give this a read.

You can pick up Verona right here.

Rating: 4.5/5

Verona by Benedict Ashforth

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