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Jesse Galena ‘The Corrupted Kingdom’ Review

Written by: Myra Gabor

This is not an easy novella to make sense of. It’s just 80 ebook pages. It starts at the end and with each chapter, it goes further towards the start of the story. It’s a bleak tale, reminiscent of Poe at his most morbid or Lovecraft at his most desolate.

It starts with Part Four, where the unnamed central character demands answers of an old crone. She’s been to the abandoned city and he wants to know all about the treasure rumored to be found there. She tries to tell him that it’s a place where nightmares become real and no treasure is worth what he will surely lose. Every chapter afterwards details what a drab and dreary place it is.

As we move towards Part One and see the reasons the various characters have to be there, for example, that one wanted vengeance, others wanted gold. They all started with great expectations, which they lost along with their lives.

It shows us a grey, decaying world, a world without hope. It’s a compelling story if shadows are your favorite color.

It’s listed as a dark fantasy. That it is, much more than a horror novel.

Order it right here.

Rating: 4/5


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