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Win an Awesome HNR Flash Drive, a New Paperback and an Awesome Movie!

The awesome folks over at have done us a big solid here at HNR. They’ve provided us with a slew of killer customized USB flash drives to dispense to those of you who follow our site religiously.

And let me tell you, their product is absolutely amazing.

If you want a chance to win one of these very, very cool flash drives – that also serve as functioning pens and LED markers, all you’ve got to do is this:

Share this post on your social media sites. If you’ve got a Facebook page as well as a Twitter page – share the post. If you’re a regular contributor to the realm of Google+, share the link there as well. LinkedIn, Reddit? Drop a link to this post to get the word circulating as much as possible!

Next step? Leave a comment right here in this post and drop links on the websites with which you’ve shared this. We’ll respond to the winners, exchange emails and get some shipping addresses gathered up to get you your goods!

Logo Sample HNR PL-S 10-16-15

We’re going to pick a whole lot of winners, and those winners will not only win one of these flash drives (8GB, BTW) they’ll also receive a new genre paperback and a genre DVD to boot.

In other words, this is most certainly a contest worth entering!

If you’ve got your eyes set on larger goals, and you’re interested in making a bulk order of your own, to get the word out about your business, these guys can most certainly help, and you will not for one moment be disappointed (I’ve sampled the product and to say that it’s reliable is an understatement!) You can click the following link to order Printed Flash Drives, and we recommend you do so. This is a top notch product that we here at HNR are in full support of!

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