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Matt Drabble ‘Asylum II: 13 More Tales of Terror’ Review

Written by: Vitina Molgaard

Matt Drabble once again brings forth a fantastic collection of short tales. If you are not yet familiar with this excellent writer, I suggest you look into his catalogue immediately. The talent of Mr. Drabble is a beauty to behold, infectious and engaging.

Readers are subjected to a magnetic journey that sees a number of interwoven tales lead us right back into the bowels of the Blackwater Heights Asylum. This is our second visit to a strange and disconcerting facility where surprises and shocks await readers. In Drabble’s follow up to Asylum: 13 Tales of Terror, we meet plenty of new individuals running the place, but the questions become just who are these physicians, and who are the patients? A very fine line is drawn within those questions as we begin to delve deeper into the asylum, learning – in the process – that things may not be as basic as they seem, and those in charge of the facility may not be as obvious as expected.

The wraparound tale is every bit as brilliant as what was offered in the first Asylum book, as Drabble connects all the dots wonderfully, while gifting each specific tale an identity all its own. There isn’t a single showcased story that fails to satisfy and exceed expectations.

I could not possibly select a favorite segment if I tried to do so, as each and every tale stands on firm legs while successfully functioning as fulfilling standalones. A connected anthology that features stories fit to operate as effective standalone pieces is atypical, but warmly welcomed. Each and every one of these stories is well-written. So well written in fact, that the connecting points of the asylum aren’t even necessary, they’re really just a bonus designed to appeal to those who love tight knit and cohesive collections.

Matt Drabble, and Asylum II will leave you in awe. I implore you to give this book a read, as it’s destined to grab a tight hold on you. A grip that will not allow you to escape its hypnotic clutches until the final page has been turned.

Matt Drabble just found a new fan in me. This man can write, and he’s got an imagination well worthy of thoroughly exploring.

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Rating: 5/5


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  1. Thank you for the excellent read ..Matt Drabble ….Vitina


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