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Alterna Comics Will Deliver Supernatural Shocker ‘Corktown’ Next Year

Supernatural crime thriller, in comic form? We’re all in! Alterna Comics is gearing up to make 2016 as memorable as possible for horror fans with the release of Corktown, a promising tale of a spirit out to stop her very own reanimated corpse from wreaking havoc in Michigan.

Sound good? You bet your rear end it does!

We’ve got our eyes glued to this 3-piece, and we’ll be counting down the days until it arrives! Check out some info from the official press release below.

From the Press Release: Alterna is proud to announce the upcoming release of CORKTOWN, a brand new three-issue horror series coming in the spring of 2016 from Mario Candelaria (Ashes, Épilogue), Scott Ewen (The Sundays, Lightshade, Flight of the Living Dead), and David Ganjamie (Épilogue).

Set in the Corktown area of Detroit, Michigan, CORKTOWN follows the disembodied spirit of a fallen Detroit P.D. detective as she fights to stop her bloodthirsty reanimated corpse’s killing spree so she can finally rest in peace.

“I’ve always wondered what happened when vampires died,” says writer Candelaria. “Their bodies are still animated, but they are always referred to as ‘being dead,’ and that inspired Scott and I to tell this story. I am glad that Alterna gave Scott, Dave, and I an outlet that allows us to tell it our way.”

Bringing a local perspective to the book is artist Scott Ewen, a lifelong Detroit resident. “In the Corktown neighborhood of Detroit is a huge, spooky abandoned train station; and every time I drove past it with my wife, she would talk about how she it looked like a setting for a horror movie. I told Mario about it, and we had a perfect setting for the story.”

A fresh take on ghosts and vampires, CORKTOWN is a part of Alterna’s 10th Anniversary celebration kicking off in 2016. Look out for more announcements in the coming months. In the meantime keep your eyes on the Alterna Comics Facebook page for updates.

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