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R.L. Stine ‘Red Rain’ Review

Written by: Vitina Molgaard   

Over the years I have read and viewed Mr. Stine’s Goosebumps stories and loved them. And yes they could prove to be very frightening. Since that time this well-known and beloved author has also decided to compose three other mighty fine adult stories. Red Rain just so happens to be the one I recently stumbled upon. If you’re wondering whether or not Stine is fit to terrify the adult crowd, make no mistake he has no problem sending chills down the spines of older folk.

Off of South Carolina’s coastline there is a small Island known as Cape Le Chat Noir. Lea Sutter, our protagonist decides to pay a visit, which turns out to be quite untimely. Unfortunately she is welcomed by an unexpected hurricane and a massive amount of death.

While many of the Island’s inhabitants meet an unfortunate end, it’s actually who Lea meets up with (two young boys left alone to fend for themselves) that creates a near unfathomable scenario. It is not long before this woman’s heart is struck with an affinity and what feels like a protective Mother’s impulse to bring these “blonde, blue eyed angels” back home with her.

Much to the dismay of her own family back home she does just that. Along with them she takes into her own home an unbelievable amount of misery, mayhem and even murder. Murders that are so horrific that her own community is soon thrown into chaos. And unfortunately her husband Mark is beginning to look like the main suspect at the center of these chilling conflicts.

This is most certainly a graphic horror story. His style transfers very well into the adult realm. I suggest you give this a go and let yourself be thrilled once again by his ability to bring us into dark, scary places. With a few special twisted turns that will delight the reader and even surprise them, Red Rain proves to be a riveting piece of fiction.

My advice? Don’t get too savvy and try to predict the ending; let the story unravel before you and just enjoy.

Order it here.

Rating: 4/5

Red Rain cover

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