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Paula Cappa ‘Greylock’ Review

Written by: Wesley Thomas

The queen of prose is back with her latest novel ‘Greylock’. It is quite simply elegant and addictive, like a luxurious coffee. With an intriguing and unusual story Paula proves she has been hard at work, delivering to us, a marvel.

In Boston, there is a killer, offing people in alleys. This has everyone itching with anticipation. Everyone except a certain musician. A murderer is the least of Alexei’s problems. A pianist fighting for professional redemption after countless bad press, in hopes of achieving his rather wild dream of recording a whale symphony. I told you it was strange. But his vicious wife is completely against the idea, and is willing to go to extreme lengths to stop his wishes from coming true. If that’s not bad enough, Alexei senses a presence whenever he is on-stage, performing to fight for his career, but will the chilling company become more frequent? Will he have to fight for more than his career? Will he manage to attain his professional aspirations? Will he outsmart his wife? Or will she find a way to destroy his livelihood?

There are an abundance of vivid characters. Some we love, others we hate, and some give us shudders. They have been rendered in great detail, as if we are looking at a photograph and not reading words.

The flawless depictions don’t end with the characters. Following Alexei we take the scenic route. Restaurants, dance studios, theaters, bars, and so on. Each location detailed down to the spec of dust nestled into a corner. This helps make the mystery all the more real.

Music is a strong component in this novel, clearly the result of years of research. We can hear the notes and grow a new-found appreciation for pianos and musicians. We get an inside look at how the musically blessed fight their artistic struggles.

This is a tale that goes beyond entertainment. It lingers in your mind long after you’ve finished it, a story not to be forgotten. It will haunt your psyche.

After reading three of Paula’s novels, I can say with all honesty that she never fails. It is as if she casts a spell on her fiction, willing us to fall in love with it. But we know better, it is the result of research, intelligence, hard work, passion, and a true gift for writing. What Paula does with words is truly magical, a true art form in all its glory.

Paula ends this masterpiece excellently, with a shocking twist but bittersweet conclusion.

If you are going to read anything before this year ends, make it this!

Order it here.

Rating: 5/5


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