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Paul Allor, Juan Romera ‘Strange Nation’ Review

Written by: Lucas Graham

Try as you might, some things just can’t be ignored. Such is the case for investigative journalist Norma Park, who is committed to cracking open the world around her. Norma writes for Strange Nation, a newspaper dedicated to conspiracy. She chases down mystifying leads in an attempt to shine a little light on the truth– regardless of who is paying attention.

Strange Nation is a fun one. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but the plot points certainly drew me in. Every page has a pinch of magic, whether it’s Norma’s determination, or Nosferatu in a tie. Despite the silly nature of the story, it carries a serious tone. Norma and her kung-fu colleague, Jesse, are bombarded with true-to-life observations (“Can’t you see? People can ignore anything!”). This parallel between Strange Nation’s bizarre world and our own only enriches the reading.

Norma and her colleagues uncover a world plastered with conspiracies. As the pieces fall together, our reporters at Strange Nation realize they’re surrounded by cults, shadow organizations, and weird creatures. Despite the immediate danger, Norma discovers the threat is much greater– possibly cosmic. She does her best to balance out breaking open new stories, and clashing with her estranged family.

The artwork in Strange Nation is splendid—each character is wildly unique, the colors are vibrant, and the textures aren’t glaring. Each page is a treat to look over. The heroes are witty, the villains are ominous, and the story progresses at a very steady pace. Strange Nation opens with immediate action for the audience, instead of just dumping information for its crazy new world. I was met with a headshaking cliffhanger at the end of every issue, if you’re a sucker for that kind of thing (I am).

Strange Nation doesn’t take itself too seriously, which is my favorite part about it. It drew me in, entertained me, and left a smile on my face. This series might be new, but I foresee it having a lot to offer. Not a comic you should ignore!

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Rating: 4/5


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